The second four classified + 6th classified

* Disclaimer * Everyone is different and likes and dislikes different things. Reading is no exception. One person’s all-time favorite might seem too bland or too high stakes for another. That said, the opinions of our judges in this contest are just that: opinions. Just because we let go of a book doesn’t mean it … Read more

Oath taken by Meg MacDonald

I started Oath taken by Meg MacDonald years ago, for SPFBO, but although I liked it, I put it aside because—unfortunately!—it was cut and I had to finish the ones still running. While these things happen, time flies and I forget about them for years. Now I’ve finally managed to start over and finish it, … Read more

Has BookTok gone too far this time?

This content contains affiliate links. When you purchase through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Welcome to Today in Books, where we report on literary titles at the intersection of politics, culture, media, and more. It’s Friday, the pollen counts are out of control and the vibrations are everywhere. Here we are. CoHo, … Read more

THE MANGO TREE | Kirkus Reviews

Of Stephanie Johnson & Brandon Stanton illustrated by Henry Sene Yee ‧ RELEASE DATE: July 12, 2022 A blissfully indirect and sincere look at the life of a Manhattan burlesque dancer. Pleases 56 Our verdict TAKE IT New York Times Bestseller 플레이포커 머니상 거래 방법 A former New York dancer reflects on her heyday in … Read more

Painting with words |

Kill Zoners — It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome a great guest to our blog. Ed Hill is a prominent Canadian painter and storyteller. He is a prolific artist and writer who has guided me as a life mentor and protected me as a law enforcement colleague to whom I will be forever … Read more

Book cover design: why strong images are crucial

What makes a book capture the reader’s attention at first glance? History? The author? The blurb? While these choices can push a shopper to make a purchase, there is a fourth option that prevents the reader from mindlessly scrolling through a retailer’s search results: the book cover design. There’s a reason art museums attract millions … Read more